Benjamin Cook, Director

​Benjamin Cook, Ph.D., M.P.H. is the Director of the Health Equity Research Lab and the Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research, a Senior Scientist at Cambridge Health Alliance,  and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. His research interests are in improving methods for measuring disparities, and applying these methods to understanding the mechanisms underlying mental health and substance abuse treatment disparities, the association between acculturation and mental health, and geographic differences in mental health service use disparities. He received a Ph.D. in Health Policy at Harvard University concentrating in Evaluative Science and Statistics, an MPH from UNC-Chapel Hill in the Department of Health Behavior and Health Education, and a BA in psychology from Swarthmore College.

Email: bcook@charesearch.org   Phone: 617-806-8741

Recent Publications

​​Cook B, ​Carson NJ, Kafali EN, Valentine A, Rueda JD, Coe-Odess S, Busch S. Examining psychotropic medication use among youth in the U.S. by race/ethnicity and psychological impairment. General Hospital Psychiatry. 2017. 45:32-39. 

Saloner, B, Akosa Antwi Y, MacLean C, Cook B. Access to Health Insurance and Utilization of Substance Use Disorder Treatment: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act Dependent Coverage Provision, Health Economics, In Press.

​​Shu C, Cook B, Examining the Association between Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Smoking Cessation, Addiction, 2015; 110(6): 1015-1024

Cook, B.L., Wayne, G. F., Kafali, E. N., Liu, Z., Shu, C., & Flores, M. (2014). Trends in smoking among adults with mental illness and association between mental health treatment and smoking cessation. JAMA, 311(2): 172-182.

​Nicholas Carson, M.D.

Nicholas Carson, M.D., FRCPC is an Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a Clinical Research Associate at the Health Equity Research Lab and the Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research. He is also Associate Program Director for the child psychiatry fellowship program at the Cambridge Health Alliance, where he teaches clinical scholarship and psychopharmacology to child psychiatry fellows. Dr. Carson studies the quality of mental health services for multicultural communities, particularly among youth. He participates in intervention research to reduce mental health disparities through improvements in self-management and patient-provider communication. He is also interested in the impact of mass media and technology on youth development. Dr. Carson received his M.D. from McGill University and did his psychiatric training at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School. 

Email: ncarson@charesearch.org   Phone: 617-575-5269

Recent Publications

Allen ML, Cook BL, Carson N, Interian A, La Roche M, Alegria, M.. Patient-Provider Therapeutic Alliance Contributes to Patient Activation in Community Mental Health Clinics. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental and Mental Health Services Research. 2015

Carson, NJ, Vesper A, Chen, C-N, Cook BL. Quality of Follow-Up After Hospitalization for Mental Illness Among Patients From Racial-Ethnic Minority Groups. Psychiatric Services 2014; doi: 10.1176/appi.ps.201300139 [published online 4/1/2014]

Alegria M, Carson N, Flores M, et al. Activation, Self-management, Engagement, and Retention in Behavioral Health Care: A Randomized Clinical Trial of the DECIDE Intervention. JAMA Psychiatry. Published online March 19, 2014. doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2013.4519

Carson, N.J., Cook. B.L., Chen, C.-N., Alegría, M. (2012). Racial/ethnic differences in video game and internet use among U.S. adolescents with mental health and educational difficulties. Journal of Children and Media. doi: 10.1080/17482798.2012.724592 [published online 10/6/12] [Project: EXPORT]

Ana Progovac, Ph.D.

Ana Progovac, Ph.D. is an NIMH mental health services research post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School/Health Equity Research Lab focused on mental health care policy with interests in mental health, implementation science, integrated care, health disparities, psychological attitudes and women's health, and evidence-based policy. Her doctoral thesis in Health Services Research and Policy focused on psychological attitudes and health behaviors, while her B.S. thesis in Neuroscience examined the genetics of depression. She has worked directly in the fields of primary care – mental health integration, at the Department of Veteran Affairs and Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative. In addition to English, she speaks Serbian and Spanish.

Email: aprogovac@challiance.org   Phone: 617-806-8738


Recent Publications

Progovac, A.M.,
Chang, Y.F., Chang, C.C.H., Matthews, K.A., Donohue, J.M., Scheier, M.F., Habermann, E.B., Kuller, L.H., Goveas, J.S., Chapman, B.P. and Duberstein, P.R., 2017. Are Optimism and Cynical Hostility Associated with Smoking Cessation in Older Women?. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, pp.1-11..​

Weaver, K.E., Snively, B.M., Hogan, P., Josephs, K., Johnson, K.C., Coday, M., Progovac, A.M., Cirillo, D.J., Ockene, J.K. and Tindle, H.A., 2017. Predictors of Continued Smoking and Interest in Cessation Among Older Female Smokers. Journal of Aging and Health, p.0898264316687622.

Cook, B.L., Zuvekas, S.H., Chen, J., Progovac, A. and Lincoln, A.K., 2016. Assessing the Individual, Neighborhood, and Policy Predictors of Disparities in Mental Health Care. Medical Care Research and Review, p.1077558716646898.

Cook, B.L., Trinh, N.H., Li, Z., Hou, S.S.Y. and Progovac, A.M., 2016. Trends in Racial-Ethnic Disparities in Access to Mental Health Care, 2004–2012. Psychiatric Services, 68(1), pp.9-16.

Cook, B.L., Progovac, A.M., Chen, P., Mullin, B., Hou, S. and Baca-Garcia, E., 2016. Novel use of natural language processing (NLP) to predict suicidal ideation and psychiatric symptoms in a text-based mental health intervention in Madrid. Computational and mathematical methods in medicine, 2016.

​Timothy Creedon

Timothy Creedon is a Research Associate at the Health Equity Research Lab and a PhD candidate in Social Policy with a concentration in Behavioral Health Policy at Brandeis University. He is currently the recipient of an F31 predoctoral training grant from NIDA and was previously supported by a T32 grant from NIAAA. His research interests include access to behavioral health services, racial/ethnic health disparities, social determinants of health, and community-based interventions (e.g., supportive housing) for individuals with serious mental illness. He holds a MA in Social Policy from Brandeis University and a BA in History from Tufts University.

​Email: tcreedon@challiance.org


Recent Publications

Creedon, T. B., and B. L. Cook. “Access To Mental Health Care Increased But Not For Substance Use, While Disparities Remain.” Health Affairs 35.6 (2016): 1017–1021. CrossRef. Web.

For the Atlantic article, please check out "Obamacare Is Making Mental-Health Care Better for Some."

Sherry (Shu-Yeu) Hou, M.P.H.
Sherry Hou, M.P.H. is a Research Coordinator and Project Manager at the Health Equity Research Lab. She received an M.P.H. with a concentration in epidemiology and biostatistics from Tufts University School of Medicine. Her role at the Health Equity Research Lab and the Center for Multicultural Mental Health has been assisting with data management, literature review, manuscript preparation, and statistical analyses

Email: shou@challiance.org   Phone: 617-806-8758


Recent Publications
Cook, B.L., Trinh, N.H., Li, Z., Hou, S.S.Y. and Progovac, A.M., 2016. Trends in Racial-Ethnic Disparities in Access to Mental Health Care, 2004–2012. Psychiatric Services, 68(1), pp.9-16.

Cook, B.L., Progovac, A.M., Chen, P., Mullin, B., Hou, S. and Baca-Garcia, E., 2016. Novel use of natural language processing (NLP) to predict suicidal ideation and psychiatric symptoms in a text-based mental health intervention in Madrid. Computational and mathematical methods in medicine, 2016.

Tali Fleitman Soffer

​Tali is a Research Assistant at the Health Equity Research Lab. She attended Brandeis University as an undergraduate student, majoring in Health: Science, Society and Policy and minoring in Economics and French. Her previous work is in the non-profit sector where she focused on increasing access to health care for underserved populations by developing community outreach strategies.

Email: tfleitmansoffer@challiance.org


Ye Wang

​Ye Wang is a Ph.D candidate (Ph.D expected December 2016) at Boston University and a data analyst at the Health Equity Research Lab.  Her expertise is centered on econometrics and statistical modeling. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from the University of Michigan and her Ph.D research is focused on Health Economics and Labor Economics.  

Email: ywang@challiance.org


Brian Mullin

Brian Mullin is a Consultant at the Cambridge Health Alliance, and the Health Equity Research Lab. He specializes in quantitative analysis and uses his expertise to answer strategic business questions using raw data. Brian graduated Boise State University with a degree in Economics. His previous work experience includes Senior Research Analyst for the Centers for Disease Control and the state of Idaho. He also worked as a Senior Programmer for Abt Associates, a Senior Data Analyst for Neighborhood Health Plan, and a Senior Data Analyst for the Mental Health Services Program for Youth in the Greater Boston Area. Most recently, Brian worked as a Senior Medical Economics Analyst for the Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan/Well Sense Health Plan. 

​Email: brimullin@challiance.org


Nicole Benson, M.D.
Nicole Benson, M.D, is a PGY-3 resident in the the combined child and adult residency program at Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Hospital. Her clinical interests include the treatment of adolescents and young adults with acute psychosis while her research interests focus on the delivery of mental health care to psychiatric patients. Dr. Benson is a graduate of Haverford College and the University of Vermont School of Medicine. 


Staff Profile

Maria Jose Sanchez, M.D.

Maria Jose joined the Health Equity Research Lab after working as a research fellow at Boston Children's Hospital in a neurology laboratory. She obtained her medical degree in Quito, Ecuador and looks forward to pursue her residency in the USA. Her interests in research include patient preferences in diverse communities, and promotion of patient empowerment on decision making. 

Email: masanchez@challiance.org


Rose Udics

Rose is the Office Manager at Health Equity Research Lab. She graduated from Trinity College with a degree in biology, and later earned a Master's degree in Public Administration from Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, concentrating on the management of nonprofit organizations. She has worked as a consultant and staff in a variety of health and educational organizations, such as in Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Harvard University Press, Northeastern University's Center for the Enhancement of Science and Mathematics Education, and most recently, Burlington Youth and Family Services. 

Email: rudics@challiance.org


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