What We Wish We Wrote - Envy List

March 2018

There's a great deal of great writing out there. In the spirit of Bloomberg, 538, and many other organizations, we've decided to give this a shot as well! Here is our envy list for March/April.

Do Words Matter? Stigmatizing Language and the Transmission of Bias in the Medical Record - P. Goddu, A., O’Conor, K.J., Lanzkron, S. et al. in the Journal of General Internal Medicine

Many studies have documented stigma in medicine against people with sickle cell disease, but this study is a very cool use of an RCT to look at practical ways of how such biases can operate/spread. - Rajan

From Prison to PhD: The Redemption and Rejection of Michelle Jones - Eli Hager, New York Times

Educational barriers after imprisonment. Ms. Jones said. “Forget Harvard. I’ve already graduated from the toughest school there is." - Maria Jose

Color Line Persists, In Sickness as In Health - Boston Globe Spotlight Team

​I love it when the Boston Globe spotlight team does anything involving healthcare in Boston and I'm a sucker for pieces on hospital systems. A great piece highlighting the effects of perceived discrimination, old lines in territory, and race in regards to healthcare in the city. - Fred